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Adjudication Update

A couple of interesting points arise from the recent case of Eurocom v Siemens. Eurocom’s application to the RICS for the appointment of an adjudicator. In their application Eurocom alleged that a number of adjudicators, who they named, were conflicted and should not be appointed. An adjudicator was then appointed who had not been named by [...]

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The Jackson Reforms came into force in 2013. The key aim of the reforms was to address unwarranted delay and non compliance with court orders and rules and to bring about a complete change in culture and attitude.  Aimed at personal injury litigation, they also affect commercial litigation in a number of important ways: Budgeting [...]

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Late Payment Of Commercial Debts

  If another business is late paying for goods or a service, you can make a claim for that amount and also claim interest and the costs of debt recovery.  “The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998” gives businesses a right to claim interest on late payments.  Since 2002, all businesses have had [...]

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Court fees will increase in March 2015

A 5% charge will be added to all civil claims valued at more than £10,000, with fees capped at £10,000. The government says the levy will bring in £120m a year to fund the court service and that the majority of current cases will not be affected. Although funds are needed to pay for the [...]

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Homeowner Could Lose £2m Dream Home

A man's home is his castle –  especially when he’s spent £100,000 lovingly transforming it from a 1960s bungalow. Businessman Syed Raza Shah spent most of his life savings adding two extra storeys to the flat-roofed property, not to mention a turret and sweeping balconies. The result is a seven-bedroom home for him, his wife [...]

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Neighbours Left With ‘£100,000’ Bill Over Disputed Strip Of Land

An elderly couple who tried to take over part of their neighbours' land when they thought they were away on holiday have been landed with a huge legal bill. Ernest and Elizabeth Zarb tried to extend their garden by knocking down their neighbours' fence and erecting a new one. Neighbours James and Theresa Parry said [...]

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Fence Dispute Leads To A £20,000 Bill

When Ian Chisholm decided to make the fence next to his drive taller, he created a rather bigger divide between himself and his neighbours than he bargained for. For the couple next door were none too impressed when they came back from a holiday to find a six-and-a-half-foot barrier had been put up in their [...]

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